When You Love What You Do, It Doesn't Feel Like Work.

Someone once told me that when you love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. You know, the kind of work that you dread on Sunday nights. The kind of work where you count the minutes until 5pm. The sort of job that feels like, well...a job.

Don't get me wrong, I don't live in a fantasy land of perfect palettes and terrific typefaces. But I love design so much that I find myself designing for fun. In my eyes, I've won one of life's lotteries: I actually get paid for the work I do!

I've been designing for almost 15 years now, and after having worked for a multitude of different clients, ventures, startups, initiatives and organizations, I'm at a point where I've finally learned that I'm not interested in climbing the corporate ladder anymore. I currently manage a team of 3 multi-media designers and 3 motion graphics designers and while I love my team, I want to get back to being more hands-on. It's tough to leave a full-time, high-paying gig though...which is why I've stayed within the boundaries of job security at stable companies for so long. The right opportunity just hasn't presented itself...

...Until today. I came across TopTal.com while browsing one of my favorite sites, Entrepeneur.com. I've been trying out various freelancing platforms in my free time in the evenings, but nothing has been right. TopTal.com feels different. Some of the reasons I'm interested in joining the Visual Designers Group are:

  • It's the polar opposite of the crowdsourcing sites out there. You have to get through a screening process during which they claim they only let in the top 3% of applicants. 
  • The caliber of other designers seems stellar. As I scroll through profiles, I'm impressed by the diversity and talent. I'd love to be a part of a network like this! 
  • Great clients, flexibility that supports a great work/life balance, steady work. I'm not always my most creative during business hours. (I'm writing this post at 11pm!) And so as a designer, I'd like the freedom to work when I'm at my best...dawn, dusk, or anything in between. Not only is this good for me, it's good for my clients. #winwin
  • The work ethic matches mine.  I have an intrinsically entrepreneurial spirit, I'm a go-getter. I'm a no-fail partner. I'm a spend-extra-hours-to-get-it-done-perfectly kinda gal. From what I can tell, TopTal appreciates that kind of mindset.

So there ya have it. I have a good feeling about TopTal - check back soon and I'll let you know how it worked out!