Top 3 Digital Design Trends for 2016

The web is an ever-evolving platform. For a business to appear credible as well as functional for their users, staying on-trend is imperative.


Great web design also plays a major factor in engaging viewers enough to read more about the company’s product or service and enticing them to take further action, whether that means getting in touch or downloading a piece of useful information.


2016 web design trends stem from various things, but the main idea being that many users are visiting a website on their mobile device prior to viewing the site on their desktop or laptop. In response to this, the design world has taken a mobile-first approach and many of the trends for this year are a direct response to the aforementioned idea.


Trend 1. Flat Design paired with Minimalism


Minimalist icons with flat design and long shadows (material design)

Minimalist icons with flat design and long shadows (material design)


Flat design has been a major trend for the past couple of years, but pairing it with minimalistic design is the update for 2016. Since users are viewing sites more and more on the go, paring down elements and simplifying content to the most important pieces is what will make a website most usable and most successful in generating interest and leads. 

Examples of websites with great flat design and a minimalistic approach include:


Trend 2. Microinteractions / Animations

Click the image to see how the microinteractions work in this example. 

Click the image to see how the microinteractions work in this example. 


Interactivity on the web has long been a driver of user retention but until recently has it been done well. Thanks to technologies like HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 transitions and animations, businesses can showcase their unique offering through small interactions triggered by scrolls and clicks that not only engage the user but make the story of their offering much more visually appealing.

Examples of websites with some good use of microinteractions



Trend 3. HD Visual Assets (Photography and Video)


Thanks to increased bandwidth and more browser support for HTML5 video, available to just about anyone with an internet or wi-fi connection, the use of large, full-screen, HD photos and video has become a major design trend for 2016. Pairing with the above two trends, HD photography makes for a fantastic user experience, which translates well to phones and tablets.  Likewise, use of video for not only main banners but supporting content has become extremely common and doesn’t just support the mobile-first movement, but is also great for making search engines happy. Ties with social media websites along with proprietary footage make video a trend that is sure to stick around for a while.


Examples of websites with use of video and HD photography


Other trends from 2015 that will continue to grow in 2016 include the use of bold, statement typography and use of illustration and iconography, which go along with the flat design and minimalistic trend.

These web design trends are not self-contained, sealed compartments. Dramatic typography works great on top of HD photos and videos. Immersive storytelling goes beautifully well together with custom typographic elements and colorful illustrations.

As the latest web standards keep gaining browser support, variety and uniqueness in design will be more noticeable on the web and only creativity and imagination is the limit to what you can do in the browser.